With the new knowledge of all the iPhone is capable of, and considering the ways it CAN make our lives more convenient, why is the iPhone also seen as negative and harmful?

one word: OVERUSE.

If you overuse anything, it will become harmful or less effective. If you take 20 vitamins instead of 1, you will likely need to go to the hospital. If you spend 13 hours a day on your iPhone instead of 1, you will risk ruining most of your life and becoming an iPhone zombie, stimulated only by “likes” and Snapchats.

I believe the key to using the iPhone efficiently and letting it be an aid instead of a hindrance is cautionary use, not to be overdone. To be honest, the iPhone has many amazing features and it is a brilliant invention. It is only when this writing technology is abused by humans that it becomes a problem for our lives and for society as a whole.

So what I guess I’m trying to say is that iPhones are not the problem. We are. People tend to get addicted to things like technology, which is supposed to be beneficial, and then they use it so much that it becomes detrimental. We (as humans) need to find a healthy way to use technology so it can help enrich our lives and make things easier instead of causing us developmental and social problems like isolation.

Moderation can be a hard thing to practice, but in the case of the iPhone, I believe it is necessary. Otherwise, this writing technology is almost completely wasted by human indulgence to their own wants as opposed to their needs. There needs to be a way to ensure that even if we step into the iPhone world for a few minutes, we keep one foot in the human world and are able to climb back out when we’re done.


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