iPhones in terms of reading and writing


In past era, reading was for books and writing was for paper.

But now, iPhones can be used for both. Full books can be read on an iPhone, listened to through headphones, or read on another similar device, such as the Nook or Kindle.

The iPhone has effectively decreased the need for formal writing, as it is much more common to quickly type out a short message through email, Facebook, or Twitter, doing away with formalities and longer, more thoughtful sentences. As everything because instantaneous for society, so does the need to communicate, which the iPhone makes handy.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Sometimes, communicating quickly can be wonderful- in cases of emergencies, announcements, votes, political polling, and other such events.

But sometimes, fast, endless communication can be a harmful writing technology that has the potential to cause unnecessary drama and speed up events.

Take, for example, the TV show “Gossip Girl.” Without the use of cell phones, pictures, and instant communication, the show would probably cease to exist because it wouldn’t be interesting. However, in the actual show, phones are used to take blackmail pictures, spread gossip instantly, and expose lies for the world to see- all with the click of a button.

Obviously, this is not real life and most of the time, these things don’t happen.

However, the main issue here is that in the case of writing technologies that allow for fast, instant communications, most people don’t consider the implications of their words or actions, realizing that although they are just typing some words, it is real and they are affecting other people.

Social media sites like Formspring, Ask me, Tumblr, Snapchat, and even Facebook and Twitter can be a breeding ground for hatred, as people whiz out words at each other without giving the second thought to what they actually mean. Many of these sentiments would not be expressed in real life, looking in the eyes of another person. However, staring at a computer screen, it can be very easy to forget that actual feelings could get hurt from your cyber words.

Obviously, iPhones are not the reason for these things happening, but they can allow for people to access these other writing technologies 24/7. Earlier I mentioned that smartphones allowed people to live in “another world.” This would be an example of this “other world.”



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