But what about the kids?


I’m a part-time babysitter/nanny.

it is not at all uncommon for me to see a kid, even a toddler, on an iPhone or an iPad.

“doing WHAT?” you might ask, shocked as I was. Well, doing what any normal kid probably has the urge to do: Play games, watch videos on Youtube, etc.

I was sitting by a toddler one day, watching her browse Youtube. She was clicking on and watching random videos that I don’t believe she understood. Suddenly, she clicked on a video featuring Miley twerking, which abruptly began to play. Horrified, I snatched the phone from her, trying to stop the video and look for some sort of child-control for the videos.

To me, this is the problem with leaving a toddler or child of any age alone with an iPhone or iPad. What might they see? What will they be exposed to? You might never know, if someone isn’t watching them.

Another huge problem can be thought of in terms of development: In a recent article done by WFIU news (by me), I spoke to Beth Holloway, director of women in engineering at Purdue, about children and development.


She encourages buying children educational toys, because development of learning habits is crucial at young ages. By the time a child reaches middle school age, it is hard to interest them in much else besides what they are already interested in.

Consider this in terms of iPhones.

What if a child’s main interest is technology, and they never developed any interest in reading, art, science, math, play, or socialization? What if, for the majority of their childhood, a child built their mental development around a solitary device such as an iPhone?


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