But it’s not all bad!


A Sage Journals article published on the perspective of Psychology and iPhones views smartphones in an interesting light: Scientists argue that smartphones allow them to collect HUGE amounts of data worldwide, without one single person having to come into a lab. This data can all be gathered from their phones with current technologies.

The article also quotes all the inventions that the iPhone has replaced, in one handy machine: “landline phones, digital cameras, photo books, video recorders, MP3 music players, radios, voice recorders, GPS navigators, handheld game consoles, watches, alarm clocks, calendars, and calculator,” says the article. Scientists also argue that smartphones could really help with research techniques such as lab studies, internet studies, and replacing all other forms of question and answer study.

It is hypothesized that an iPhone could help monitor the human body and the environment surrounding it for variables like oxygen, heat, CO2, and environmental cleanliness. More importantly, it could help people stay on track with their health. iPhones could monitor

“temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, pulse ox, and ECG) but also blood glucose, blood alcohol, hormone levels, immune system activity, inflammation, and ovulation,” says the article.  With the knowledge of all of these factors about human health, the iPhone could vastly improve our health awareness by letting us keep tabs on ourselves as opposed to doctors doing it all.

This article continues to name numerous ways in which the iPhone could benefit society, from GPA tracking missing people to conducting dating experiments. This article was really interesting because it portrayed the iPhone in a positive light, not as a society-destroying monster that wants to make humans stupid and solitary. This article really emphasizes the potential of the iPhone for human health and progression, which would be an amazing use for such a capable machine.


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